the fastest business broadband in Warrington
Historically companies across Warrington and Cheshire have suffered with slow and often unreliable internet speeds delivered via broadband on the BT Openreach network. Their only alternative was to have a dedicated leased line installed with high monthly costs, and because of location having to foot the bill for installation and excessive groundworks costs. The excess groundworks costs in some cases approaching the £10,000 mark.

Taylor Business Park has made a significant investment to deliver high speed data services to all of its tenants. These services are available significantly cheaper than a leased line, and are far superior to broadband in terms of speed, reliability and security. They can get their tenants up and running in a fraction of the time than that of any comparable services from BT or any other providers, and there is no charge for the installation as the infrastructure is already in place.

Tenants will now be able to take advantage of these improved internet speeds to use many of the tools a modern business needs:

•    High speed data transfer
•    VOIP Telephony
•    Cloud Computing
•    Remote Access
•    Off site data storage
•    Video Conferencing
•    And many more

The Taylor Business Park network is a fibre backbone network spanning the entire Taylor Business Park complex. Our strategic partner Rock Networks delivers fibre optic Internet that is distributed across the site and delivered to tenant premises over either fibre or ethernet connectivity. This connectivity and network design allows for quick bandwidth upgrades not only to our network but also to the tenant's.

Our Latest Independant Speed Test
Our latest speed results
Speed Monthly Cost (+VAT)
2MB £50
5MB £125
10MB £200
20MB £400
30MB £600
40MB £800
50MB £1000
Speeds up to 1000MB available if required.
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